Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Temple street night market

We left the bay and started walking to the night markets....started raining pretty hard, luckily its warm and tropical here. We ended up getting lost and finally took a taxi to the markets where we they sold all kinds of knock offs and watches, t-shirts etc. Plus tons of food. We could have picked dinner right out of a bucket. I prefer to be a little less personal with my dinner :) we opted for these little waffle pockets for $1....excellent choice! At one point we asked for a bathroom and ended up at a tiny dark room with a squaty potty....this lady was right outside chopping up crabs. Feel like this is more like the real city. Took the subway home....felt like there were infinity mirrors in beginning and no end.

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Chris and Cassie said...

So crazy what a fantastic adventure with Daren! Love reading about it. What was in those Happy to see your beautiful face. Keep the posts coming! Xo