Monday, May 20, 2013

Taxi, plane, van, boat : Ko Phi Phi

This morning we got up at 4am to make the journey to ko Phi Phi island in southern Thailand. We got here about 1pm and the journey was well worth it. We were welcomed by warm air and even warmer clear blue waters. The water is so incredible! We just picked a spot on the white sand beach and snorkeled out in a little reef and saw a whole bunch of tropical fish, giant clams and even a few huge puffer fish just off shore. After lounging all afternoon we walked around town, literally the whole thing. The town here is on an skinny strip of land that's barely 200 yards across at some points. There are no cars here at all. The cops have the only scooter on the island it seems. Pretty chill island scene. We found this awesome place for dinner right on the water and had some excellent curry (our rice even came in the shape of a heart :) we sat for a long time just enjoying the tropical breezes. So excited to do it all again tomorrow!

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