Friday, May 10, 2013

Night train to Sapa

We left the peak and got lost and bounced around between ways to get to the airport and finally made it there and smoothly onto the plane. Miracle considering all the things that could go wrong. I told Daren once we were on the plane that I'm glad all the ducks are in a row but that there are just so many ducks!! Hopefully things continue going well.... So we landed in Vietnam and got our visas and booked passage on the night train. Took a taxi that dropped us off in the wrong place. Wandered around the totally crazy streets of Hanoi ( tons and tons of people and scooters everywhere oh and at 9pm it was 33 degrees C - hot!) Found our train, got hustled by some guy demanding more tip for walking us to our train car, settled in with two Vietnamese travelers, killed a kamikaze giant cockroach ( sick Vietnam....) And had a greay nights sleep on the 8 hour ride to Sapa. The last picture is the view I woke up to this morning ( well done Vietnam) hopefully we get lots of stunning views minus the cockroaches :)

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