Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kuang Si take two

We thought Justin would really like the waterfall we went to yesterday so we headed back there in the afternoon. And its a good thing we did. We didn't even get to the best part yesterday! We hiked in past a bear refuge. Funny to see them all hanging out. Poor things with all that fir! Then we did go play at the pool with the rope swing for a while before heading up the trail to find this huge waterfall!!! So stunning! We saw some people playing in a pool up higher so we hiked up the mountain where the view was breathtaking. As we were swimming there it looked like a huge jungle infinity pool! Behind the waterfall was a little grotto so we swam under there a bunch and then got pounded by the waterfall on the way out. So much fun! This is probably one of the funnest/ most amazing waterfalls I've ever been to!

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