Saturday, May 18, 2013

Khaosan road

By 3pm we arrived in Bangkok and it took us 2 more hours to find the bus we needed and make it across town to our hostel near Khaosan road which is the center of traveler activity with restaurants and shops lining the street. We rested a bit and the looked around the shops on the street and then took a tuk tuk to a night market. It was mostly fun to just wander around and take in the city. Bangkok is huge and has lots more cars than anywhere else we've been so it seems pretty congested. More expensive than Cambodia but not by much and people don't hassle us like Vietnam either which is nice. Before we headed back to the hostel we got a 30 minute foot massage for $4, so nice after running around se Asia for the last two weeks.....nice to add a little inexpensive luxury to the day. Tomorrow Elder Neil L. Anderson will be holding a conference here so we're pretty excited to be with the Thai saints and hear an apostle speak.

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