Monday, May 13, 2013


Next we did a little kayaking. It was pretty slow going as most of the group had never rowed a boat before so Hop had a tough time keeping us all together. We got out to swim which was heavenly since its been sweltering all day. I had my snorkel stuff.....didn't see a ton. A school of little tiny fish and Daren saw the tentacles of a big jellyfish. Gladly that was our only encounter with those. From the boat we did see a ton of huge jellyfish so I guess were lucky we didn't run into any. I really wish I could just kayak around this place and explore for weeks. So many little islands and so much to see! We also rowed by this little fishing villages. Hop told us that there are about 1500 people living on boats and houses floating on Styrofoam out here. What a crazy way of life!

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