Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hong Kong Temple

This morning we took a city bus (the one with awesome upholstery) out to kwoloon to the temple. So beautiful! We were able to go in and do some temple work. All the people Daren worked with were called Yip (we're thinking it must be family name first?) And half of mine were named Cheung Shi.....a testament to God's greatness. He must know all His Cheung Shi's well. It was also cool because the temple missionary couple, the Lewis', that helped us out were from Camarillo and know the Beifuss family. Small world!

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spudbuddy said...

How wonderful that you went to the temple! We went today in Fresno too! Isn't that cool to think that half a world apart, we were both doing His good work!

Thanks for blogging!