Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dinner al fresco

For all the high fashion and advanced technology in this city we have found it severely lacking in one way. Pretty much everywhere only takes cash, which is only a problem when you've run out of money and none of the arm's in the area accept MasterCard....ugh! 7-11 was the only place we could find that would take visa so we dined on the curb in front of 7-11. Classy as usual :) it was all good and well until I spilled half my fancy ramen bowl in my purse and then it started to rain....then it turned into a bonafide giggle-fest and memory. It was actually a pretty tasty meal. On our way back to the hostel we checked out a karaoke place but a Russian kid explained to us that it pretty much only had Japanese songs there and it wasn't like karaoke place in the states, you just rent a room and a microphone and go to town. Daren really wanted to sing me some songs but we decided we could just look up some songs on YouTube at home....haha.

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