Friday, May 17, 2013

Angkor Wat

As sunset approached we got to Angkor Wat. The most impressive thing about this temple was its huge size. Massive compared to the other temples and very well preserved! You can see tiny people in some of the pictures that give you an idea of its size. It was built in the 12 th century and was built as a temple mountain to the Hindu god, Vishnu.  The temple is surrounded by an exterior wall as well as by a massive mote. Probably 200 yards wide and half mile long on each side of the temple. The amount of man power that must have been required is incredible. We sat on a wall outside the temple and watched twilight come on. It had rained earlier ( a gift from heaven ) so no stunning sunset, but the temple itself was enough to leave us very impressed. The last picture is of us with our tuk tuk driver for the day, Palla - he took great care of us. All in all a totally incredible day, also probably the sweatiest day of my life. We were dripping most of the day, so excuse all those gross sweat marks....Eeewwww (worth it!)

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