Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Puerto Vallarta

Today we decided to do a zip line tour in the jungle. Mom was going to stay behind because she thought it was too scary - until she talked to another mom who said it wasn't that scary. Turns out she loved it! She's a secret adventurer.

It was a series of 13 different zip lines. The longest one was about a half a mile long. They were all strung across this canyon so the drop was pretty dramatic which made it more fun.

Once the guides found out that I spoke Spanish and that I am a nurse they were all asking me to do CPR on them.....shameless.....

They offered to let us go upside down if we went with one of the guides. I did it on the 1/2 mile one and it was over a river. So we started out right side up and then I let go and hung upside down. It was really fun.

The very last zip line goes right over the river. So as I got close to the end I see one of the guides an my brothers at the end of the line holding onto the line and yanking on it, which promptly put my buns right in the water......nice one boys.

We had to make it back to the start so we got to ride on mules which was really nice, a very relaxing ride through this beautiful jungle.

We had another wonderful evening on board, including an amazing sunset.

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