Monday, December 20, 2010

Cabo San Lucas

This time around mom and dad splurged and got one room with a view. This was taken when we were still in port in LA, but once we got out to sea it was soooo nice to have a room with a view!

We got into port in Cabo San Lucas this morning and headed to go scuba diving and snorkeling.

The water here is pretty cold, but very clear and perfect for diving. Jason and Andrea have never been diving but the guides gave them a 10 minute mini course and took them down. I love Mexico sometimes:)

We saw all kinds of cool things. Puffer fishes that our guide puffed and then let us hold and another kind of puffer fish that is black with white spots and we even swam by some really huge sea lions which was a little creepy, but cool.

We had a great time in the water. After we spent a little while looking around at the market place.
It is always nice to get back on the boat and know that you don't have to think about where to find a good dinner or where you are going to stay.

That night we went to a hypnotist show. It was the first one I had ever seen, really amazing. At the end when they had woken everyone up they told three people that until the host shook their hand it would be as though their bottom was glued to the chair. So they were all woken up and everyone left except these three who were completely awake but scooting all over the stage in their chairs and trying to get the host to shake their hand.....incredible! I will have to see that again some day.

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