Saturday, September 4, 2010

Recouperating in Cuzco

Today we decided to take it easy. We slept in and hung around our hostel until check out time and then we went to get massages. There are ladies all over the place handing out cards for cheap massages. Ours was 25 soles or about 7$ - not bad. It wasn't as amazing as a massage in the states or anything, but it was totally worth $7. It was pretty killer thought once she was working on my painful!

After that these little ladies gave us $5 pedicures....We really should have given them a bigger tip, our feet were destroyed.

After that we went to the artisan market to check out some souvenirs. This giant llama skin hat would have been awesome but maybe not too functional in SoCal.

From there we went and enjoyed the last bit of sunshine in the main square. This little lady sold us some matching Peruvian bracelets.
BPFF - best peruvian friends forever!

Then we enjoyed another of homes comforts. McFlurrys at yummy!

From there we went back to the hostel and got our things together and headed to the bus station to catch a 10pm bus to Puno and Lake Titikaka!

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