Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweden Day 2

Breaky ( as Hannah would call it) We found some really yummy hot chocolate and had that to warm us up morning, noon and night.

Toast and jam every morning kept us going.....Hannah still calls me wifey since we shared breakfast in Oxford. She is so funny with the nicknames.

The first order of the day was a winter boat cruise through the Stockholm Archipelagos. I guess there are more than 100 islands that make up the city and they are all connected by bridges. We are sitting on reindeer skins here... classic.

One of the greatest parts of the boat tour was busting through all these chunks of floating ice in the water. Very cool.

Check this place's a nursing home. Not bad.

This is a home owned by one of the richest families in Sweden. They own many different companies including Saab....thought of Daren when I saw it.

Had to have a quick Titanic moment....

After the tour, we dropped into McDonald's to warm up and to see if they had anything country specific. They did have blueberry and cream pies, which are apparently very Swedish. Tasty - for McDonald's anyway.

We spent most of the afternoon wandering around all the little shops in town. Found some sweet I look tough enough to be a viking???

Does she look nutty enough to be a moose????

We also found out that Pippy Longstockings is Swedish!

Hannah and I bought these sweet t-shirts with the Swedish flag for about 2 pounds...score!

We sported our t's and ran around on the deck of our ship taking photos. What is it about being extremely cold that makes you giddy anyway???



Fiagle Family said...

I am cold just looking at your pics..i will no longer complain about having to wear a sweater with my tank top to work!

Katherine said...

I just want to be you, is that so wrong?