Sunday, December 27, 2009


Today after going to early church meetings we went to the Science Museum. I have this top ten book of London and it had the top ten things to see in the museum. This little simulator ride was number one. It was a simulated roller coaster with graphics about as good as Atari from the 80's. We just laughed when we got out and stopped following the top ten in the book.

We found this really cool area all about plastic and all the ways we use it and how it has changed our lives completly. Very interesting.

In the basement there was an exhibit of old house hold items like stoves and hair dryers, etc. Here there was a display of how a toilet works....complete with it's very own "floater" so you can follow it through the whole process....intersting but a little yuck too.

Next was the Natural History Museum. Same stuff you see in all that type of museum. Their dinosaur bones were really cool and the building that houses the museum is spectacular. They had a working model of a T-rex which was cool and they had a model of a blue whale which is the largest mammal on earth. It was seriously the size of an airplane! Very cool.

Next we hit up the British Museum. The atrium area of the museum is really fantastic. You can see the moon shining there through the glass roof.

Jason's double chin was not quite as confincing as the real buddah - nice try J!
Our last stop was the National Gallery where we got to see tons of really amazing Impressionist art by Rembrant, Monet, Manet, Serrat, Van Gogh, etc. It was an extremely cultural day. I really enjoyed it. feet need a break.

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