Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Great Day In

When I got up this morning I had expectations to do something with my day off. Then I realized that since I am working tomorrow and Jason and Melanie are coming on Thursday, this might be my last chill day for a long time. So I decided to stay in and pass the day with the Twilight bunch. I finished the book and totally loved it. I was talking to Lauren about it and we decided it is just really nice to have a book that you can get completly lost in. I got lost in this one today and it was marvelous. It is totally silly and shamelessly rediculous, but it was a fabulous escape!

When I finished I figured that I should do something active with my day and get out of my pj's so I headed out for a run. Today was one of those times when my body was just full of energy and ready to go....probably because I had been laying in bed until 4pm....and so running was effortless. I knew that tower bridge wasn't too far from my place so I ran there. It was so fantastic to run across that awesome bridge. Felt kind of like running in the mall in DC or something.

So while I really didn't do anything amazing it was a great day!


Fiagle Family said...

well everyday cant be an amazing adventure around europe! :) you see the new moon movie yet??

Danielle said...

Team Edward or Team Jacob??