Thursday, November 26, 2009

Imperial War Museum

So as I said, I just recently moved to a new part of town, which happens to be about a 10 minute walk from my good old Aussie friend, Hannah! How fun! We got together today to go see the Imperial War museum.

They had tons of really cool old war machinery, like this mini submarine. Not sure I would want to be bobbing in the great blue ocean in this little thing.

The building it's self was pretty amazing as well. We only took in a little of the museum as it was huge. We went and saw the Holocaust section. Every time I learn about that and see the horrible pictures I think two things. First of all, how sensless war really is and two, I marvel that one man could lead so many people to be so completly evil. So anyway, it was an educational experience. Mostly it was just great to be with an old friend and know that we are living close together now and can do things often!

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