Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Covent Gardens and National Gallery

Today I met up with Lauren in the city and we hit up some of her favorite places. First stop was Covent Gardens.....which I found out was not a garden at all, but an area with lots of street performers (too cold to stop and watch for too long) and quaint little shops.

This cupcake shop was pretty amazing. Don't think I have ever seen prettier desserts in my life. Almost too pretty to eat.

Then we headed in doors to the National Gallery. I took this shot of the atrium just before the security guard told me "No Photos" - a phrase I have come to hear very often in art galleries. We saw some really amazing stuff. My favorite as usual is the Impressionist pieces.

We saw the sunflowers by Van Gogh - it was kind of like meeting a celebrity.

We also saw this painting by Van Eyck which I remember studying in my art classes in college. The inscription said that the writing above the mirror says " Van Eyck was here" - medieval tagging....haha.

Lauren and I talked about bucket lists and how Ellen Degeneres says that everyone should have one for their life. We decided that a life long one was a little intense so we are going to make one for the time I am in London. So much to do in so little time! I am planning on making the most of it. Today was a great start.


Bev said...

I absolutely LOVE Covent Gardens! Such a fun place to go and get lost in. I love your bucket list idea too :)

Fiagle Family said...

how fun! And nothing is better then a cupcake. you can always eat one

Patricia Peterson said...

Is the bucket list for a year? I don't really know the length of time you have to spend there...awesome idea!