Monday, October 19, 2009

Temple Days

Lauren's parents are serving a mission at the London temple as the 1st counselors in the temple presidency, so since Lauren was going to be working, they invited me to come to the stay at their house at the temple for a few days.
This is the view out the window....not bad!
Monday evening I went with her parents to a dinner put on for all the temple workers (they are mostly full time workers). There was a brother who died recently from cancer and his wife is from Thailand. His dying wish was that she would make a big thai dinner for all the workers in his honor. So I happened to be in the right place at the right time and the Brook's invited me to go along. AMAZING! I love thai food....and even better home made.
Tuesday I spent the day in the temple which was of course fantastic! I have been doing things almost completly for myself for the last two months so it was really nice to serve a little. I also spent some time in the visitors center catching up on some old church movie favorites and other than that I just relaxed at the Brooks' flat and recoverd from two months on the road. Just what the doctor ordered.

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Patricia Peterson said...

What a nice relaxing time after all this adventure! Homemade Thai food, I'm SOOOO jealous! Thanks for the continual update - I LOVE it.