Thursday, October 15, 2009


This morning I went with Ty and Lauren to do some shopping which turned into getting lost/exploring the city. Portugal really is charming. By about noon I said goodbye to my new friends and hopped a bus to Porto. The drive was really beautiful.
One recommendation I got from the hostel of things to see was this book shop. It looked like something out of Harry Potter.
After that I wandered around the downtown area for a while and did some shopping. I found a big fluffy sweater to wear tomorrow when I return to winter tomorrow(yikes!) I got a pineapple soda with a straw (heaven).
From there I headed down to the river front and wandered and had some dinner and enjoyed the scenery.
The views were really stunning, there are all these buildings built on the steep slope of the river. So I enjoyed my last night of relative warm weather. It is much cooler just 3 hours north. London is going to be tough!

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