Saturday, October 17, 2009

Leeds and York

This morning we layed in bed until about 10! Dreamy! Eventually we got ready and went with Ross and Chris to the Leeds City Museum. I thought it would be really lame, but was actually one of the better museums I have seen.....starting with these judge wigs you could try on. Don't Lauren and I look fantastic! She informed me that Lawers still acutally have to wear wigs in the court room! How rediculous!

After the museum we wandered around the downtown area for a while and then since the boys could not make a decision about where to eat we went back to their house and made sandwiches and sat around for literally several hours. When it finally started getting dark we decided it was time to do something else, so we decided on York.
The old castle walls still surround the down town area which is full of all these cute little shops and restaurants.

We walked to the York Abbey. Chris was trying to argue that it was more impressive than Notre Dame. No way! Beautiful but can't beat Notre Dame.

This is the crew that went to York. Chris, Rob ("Hot Rob" as dubbed by two friends in SD), Lauren, Ross and me. They all go to Leeds University. The Young Single Adult scene is really different here. It is not unusual for people to drive 3 or 4 hours to a YSA dance in one night, so the whole country is close friend. Kind of fun.

Here we are in front of the abbey.

While we were walking around the abbey this group of about 150 people spontaneously came out of a side street following this man, so we thought we would find out what was going on and meshed in with the group. Turned out to be one of the famous Ghost Hunt walks of York. This guy was a fantastic story teller and took us to a bunch of the haunted parts of the city and told us the ghost stories. It was so amazing, I will definitly have to come back to York.


Brit said...

Remember when I told you to go on the haunted tour of York?! So silly and so fun. =) I miss you!

Danielle said...

How fun!! Happy Halloween!! I want to chat with you! I agree, "hot Rob" is a great nickname!