Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween in Notting Hill

So this was as good as I could do this year. Festive but no costume. After work on friday night I forced myself to go to a Halloween party that someone in the singles ward here was putting on. Shannon had told me about it, but I didn't know when she would get there or anything. So I prayed hard and headed in. I walked in to a bunch of strangers. I headed to the drink table, got a drink and tried to act cool and like I was supposed to be there. It's been a long time since I have felt like I was back in junior high. Lauren called and saved me temporarily. While I was out talking to her I saw Shannon (the one girl I know) walk in. I went back in and said hi and she was with another girl, Monica....who I had been emailing before. Shannon had sent out this email of a bunch of other girls who were heading out here about the same time. So I met her. She seems really nice and I also met Annie who was another girl on that email list. So it was not the most fun, but I did make some essential connections.

Saturday I decided to head to the Notting Hill to go to the antique market featured in the movie. Turns out it was on Portobello road (featured in Mary many famous places!)

I thought this was quite an ingenious way to advertise pizza in a very Brittish way.

I cannot imagine what this place would be like in the summer, it was totally packed!

I came across this great band playing on the corner....the Ryan O'Riley Band....I am kicking myself now for not paying the five pounds for their cd.

I wandered through all the antiques. Tons of jewelry and dishes of course.

And other things that were a little more elaborate.

Then I came upon the food section of the market. Not only fresh food but they had food being prepaired from all over the world.

When I had wandered through the whole market I just kept on wandering through town until I came upon this charming little path. This city is just full of beautiful things to discover.
I found out friday night that this weekend is stake conference. So I went to the saturday night meeting. Admittedly I went more to see if I could drum up something to do with the girls I met than to listen to the messages. So of course, I didn't get much out of the meeting, but I did meet up with Monica, Shannon and Annie. They have been here a little longer than me so are better connected. So I felt like I was just following them around, which I hate. Nothing makes me feel more lame, but I really didn't have an option honestly. So I hung around with them until it was decided to get some food and go to the house of some of the boys in the ward. It took an hour to get there (these people are really into traveling!) There were 2 other american girls there (there really are lots of us here) and three English guys. We just sat around and talked. I would not put it down in the record books as the most exciting Halloween ever, but I suppose this is a necessary part of starting over.

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