Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kilkenny - Day 2

This is the Kilkenny Castle....the longer I am here the more i realize that pretty much every town we are in there will be at least one castle. Not much of a novelty anymore. This one was pretty cool though because it was a medieval castle turned 19th century cheteau. The grounds were particularly extensive. What a beautiful day as well!
I almost got kicked out of the castle for taking this shot, took a picture after the guy told me no pictures. I am not very sneeky, but it was so pretty! This is Renee and Hannah.

Here we are in the gardens around the castle, took about half an hour to wander through it all.

After the castle we left Kilkenny and headed toward Cork on a costal road. Had to stop at one point for this massive cow crossing. I would like you to take note that I am not a passenger in that Renault Clio....I am the drive. been very weird getting used to that. This road is rather spacious and has a nice big shoulder compared to those others I have driven on since. Yikes!

This is one of the beaches we stopped at along the way. We were literally winding along the coast most of the time which was really incredible since on the other side of the road were these beautiful green fields everywhere. Really amazing. That night when we got to our hostel in cork we watched the romatic comedy "P.S I love you" If you haven't seen that, you should because it is a great chic flick and also a lot of it is set in Ireland, you could see a lot of the things I have been enjoying.

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