Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Convention Ends/Scotland Begins

Monday morning began with a service project....the chaos you see above is not the service project! We colored play mats for kids, built bird boxes for the national forrest service and then wrote our testimonies in a bunch of Books of Mormon for the missionaries to give out. A little something for everyone. After that they had the "closing ceremonies" On saturday they had done a YSA's got talent bit and the top three finalist from that performed - some were very loosly talent, but still entertaining. They also did giant kareoke...interesting idea. Turned out to be very fun. They had all the guys stand and sing some sappy 80's ballad and then the girls sang "Girls just wanna have fun". Girls can't sing that song without dancing around like maniacs (we have all experienced it ladies...right?) so that is the chaos you see there.
Me and my girls were not feeling inclined to be mauled so we danced around in the bleachers. It was really fun though. We finished off the ceremonies all singing together the EFY medely of songs which was actually really powerful. Its nice to feel the power of the group. When you are out in the world sometimes it is easy to forget that there are so many members of the church out there all over the world. So the conference was a success! Had a great time and met some great people. I also notice that I am picking up on the British way of speaking. Well mostly just terms like, "Going to uni" is what they say for universtiy. They also say "get in the queue (pronounced like the letter q) for "get in line" and just little things like when people want to say come over to my house they just say "come over to mine..."
One of those great people is Sandy. He is from Ladybank Scotland (so small it is not even shown). It is an hour north of Edinburgh just north of Kirkcaldy. Little tiny place - literally 15 streets in the whole town! How cool. You should definitly google it. So when I met him I told him I was coming to Scotland and he said, "You should come stay at my house" That is a dangerous thing to say to a homeless girl! So here I am staying at his parents house. They have 6 kids, all moved out except Sandy. So I have my own room with a big bed and everything. I got seriously hooked up.

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Saxon said...

it was actually a 90s ballard :-)

and we boys still maintain that it was a unfair contest as we couldn't really dance around to our song like you could to yours!

so we claim a moral victory :-)