Thursday, September 17, 2009

Belfast bus tour

When we got to Belfast we got onto one of those Hop on Hop off bus tours they have here. It was actually really cheap so we got to see all the best of the city. Probably the most famous thing about the city is that it is where the Titanic was built. Just to get an idea of how large the ship was, this is the dry dock where the ship was built...
And this building here was built at the height of the first deck of the ship....incredibly huge!!! The tour guide was telling us that people always wonder what went wrong that the ship sank. Their little joke was that there were three problems. It had an English captain, a Scottish navigator and it hit a Canadian was just fine when it left Ireland...cheeky!
This is their parliament building. The grounds were extensive and really beautiful. Apparently when George Bush visited here he commented that they have a bigger white house than we do. Nice one George.
This is Campbell College, where C.S. Lewis went to school. Apparently it is on that campus where he got many of his ideas for The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe.
It was a pretty good tour, but Hannah and I were mostly just freezing in the wind on the top of the bus. It was a pretty cool autumn day.

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